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Cali-Earth Photography.   

by joachim Moore


Pictures are everything. Sometimes they can be the only way to explain, or understand. As an artist, shooting photography has been another way for me to hone my all around skills. More importantly, it helps me to visualize a variety of sceneries and people in order to enhance the 'creative library' that is mind. I've found that outdoor photography works best for my photography, so I stick to it.  I've been capturing images since 2016.


There's a particular eye...

one needs to have when shooting photography. Attention to detail is important as well. Unfortunately in this line of work, some photography can be rushed pretty quickly-and edits rushed even faster (just ask my wife about the wedding photographer we had. Sheesh!)

Care is what's important. A photographer that loves the work doesn't rush the photo. In turn, it creates a great experience for the client which is the outcome that I strive for.


I specialize in all photos outdoor. Headshots, Family, Maternity, Nude art, Couple, Pets, Camping, Sports.


I am located in the Coachella Valley, if you are local or plan to be, email me at to plan a phone/skype/in-person consultation.

CURRENTLY BOOKING! write to the email above in green to get started!

Thanks,  hope to see you soon!



" Im stoked about how my pictures came out, it was awesome working the photographer from Cali-Earth. I was given the whole day; and he took his time with the photos, directing me in the right ways to shoot. I was confident in the photo before I left! The editing didn't take long at all, and it was they were sent back to me the same day although I was told 2 business days. Thanks again Cali-Earth Photography! I'll be back for outside headshots!"  

-Francesco V. 


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